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Starry, Starry Night....

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

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12 November

Trading Cards
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User Number: 772095
Date Created:11.10.2002
Number of Posts: 271

Ann: a 18-year old senior at Cypress Creek HS. Band geek, NJROTC dork, NHS, and future President. Ann works at Universal Studios and does shows on Earthquake. Come see Ann daily at Earthquake or at her computer where she can be found reguarly updating her journal or monitoring anyone one of her four communities.
Strengths: Mighty commandant of all things, well, mighty. Oh, and rather smart and philosophical to boot.
Weaknesses: None shown in our records.
Special Skills: Writing, spieling, performing, and rifle-work.
Weapons: Intellect, rifle, sword.
Partners in Crime: Kristina, Amanda, Vanessa, David, Dan, Eric, Mike, Andy, oh the list, it goes on and on! Too many to list, I say, TOO MANY!!!!

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